Lava Smart Phone Key Pad Problem

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I would like to say that I have purchased your product LAVA irispro30 mobile phone at Rs. 14750.00 vide their challen no. 5126 dated 23rd January 2014 from M R Enterprises in Linked road Jaigaon, Jalpaiguri-736182, West Bengal, India. But now that I have purchased your product, it is really fucking me harder after investing huge amount of money to procure your product. The problem I face with your LAVA irispro30 mobile phone is as listed below:

1. It gets hanged up frequently
2. Especially Calender Settings get changed frequently, affecting whole mobile settings.
3. Now all three keys (back key, Home key and Exit Key) located at the bottom of the cell phone is malfunctioned itself.
4. Calculator has got wrong programs, such as the value of Sin(60) is showing as 0.85090352 instead of the actual value of 0.866025403.

Please do something to get my phone fixed it, as it is under warranty period.

Lava Smart Phone Key Pad Problem
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