Leave and salary patterns in Private Medical colleges in India

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Respected Madam,
Accept my hearty regards.
I’m working as a Professor in a private medical college (Detail address mentioned below).
It may sound incredible but being the highest intellect of the society also we face highest degree of exploitation in terms leave pattern and salary payments.
As compared to other state private medical colleges, state Govt. and Central govt. both leaves and salary are way below in this organisation. In the first year it’s just 10 CLs one has to manage with no weekends, very less numbers of public holidays (even they can cancel the assigned leaves for vague reasons). It’s astounding that it’s been presumed that doctors can’t fall sick any time…we don’t have any sick leaves. From second year onward 12 EL are allotted. We work 6 days a week 9-5. Salary is never credited in time, it’s a dream to think about salary being credited on 1st of each month. Kindly probe into the matter for yourself. I wish my identity to be kept confidential.
I’ve a few suggestions for all private medical colleges and MCI India….
1. Salary pattern should be uniform everywhere, extra allowances may be given as per the location of the college.
2. Leave pattern should be uniform in all colleges, at least same as the respective state Governments.
3. DA and increment pattern should be as per the Government pattern.

Hope justice will be awarded to the doctors who are most exploited bunch of highest intellectuals of the country .

Thanks and regards….

Dr. Viyatprajna Acharya
Professor Biochemistry
IMS & SUM Hospital, Bhubaneswar

Leave and salary patterns in Private Medical colleges in India
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