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I have purchased a T V set of Micro Max 40’’ being no 00028BC44150517 from Great Eastern Co Durgapur on 04/06/2015 and installed the same on 07/06/2015 by your technician but 25/06/2015 I find the picture are not coming, accordingly I have lodged a complain by SMS with details to your service centre at Durgapur on the same day and over telephone several times but sorry to say nobody attended for repair till date.
Our expectation was that big company like yours will take care after sale for service.
It was not expected a T V Set will be out of order within few days after purchase, I am having numbers of T V s of other bands all T V s are running smoothly.
I hope you will give your special attention to rectify or change the T V Set other wise I will approach to the appropriate forum.
With Regards
Ranjit Sengupta
Nabapally, Benachitty
Durgapur – 713212

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