Likizo Services Pvt Ltd — false promises and deficiency in services

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On September 14, I received a call from Sahil Mehta stating that I have won a lucky draw and will be eligible for 3 free gifts and that I need to be there either with my spouse or parents. It also mentioned that I need to attend a compulsory session of 60 minutes. After receiving the message when Sahil was contacted, I was informed that the session will be pertaining to information about the free gifts but instead they gave us a upsale. Zain Pavaskar was the executive who was assigned to us and Sayyed Hussain was his senior. Zain explained us about the hospitality and clubbing services they have. Once we calculated the per trip amount, it was same as the amount we would have invested and asked the point in joining their services. Sayyed and Zain confirmed us that they have tie ups with all 4 and 5 star hotels around the world and that 3 star is mentioned in their document as they will be providing accommodation in cities which might not have 4 and 5 star hotels and hence mentioned 3 to 5 star in document. Hotels like FourPoint, Grant Hayyat, Sentosa, Taj etc. were part of their list. They assured us that we will be provided with 4 and 5 star hotel options only if cities/countries have them. Countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh have no ties with them and hence they can’t offer services in these 2 countries.

There were list of attractions offered with the package we choose which was a studio package for 2 adults and 2 kids accommodation which included, Gym membership for 5 years with a gym of our choice near our residence. Upon asking questions on gym location and stuff they provided us with a list of gyms around our area and when we said we would like to join a gym named SAMARA Gym only on Palm beach road and nothing else, they said it will be done for 5 years. Sayyed and Zain were also mentioned about the yearly gym membership charges SAMARA charges and Sayyed calculated the cost as well of that. We had mentioned them its Rs. 40, 000 per couple without a personal trainer. They also mentioned about Summer camp for kids, dinner at an event once in 2 months, three times a year hall of our choice for small functions where food will be our cost rest everything including decoration will be paid by Likizo.

Likizo also confirmed they will be helping us with forex services and and also VISA services. Though VISA is not part of their service but they can arrange someone for us for VISA. We were also offered pick up and drop and a guide who will also be the cab driver as part of our package with minimal travelling fare.

Sayyed, Zain confirmed that the 1, 35, 000 chargeable from us will include all taxes including GST, Service tax etc. Likizo also confirmed that 25000 needs to be paid as deposit and remaining amount of RS.1, 10, 000 will be converted into 36 month EMI on 0% interest.

Sayyed and Zain also assured a full refund if the services offered were not upto mark. Upon questioning about hotel availability and quality, they assured that we just need to pick a Location and date and that they will arrange hotel options for us. 7, 50, 000 4 to 5 star hotels have tie ups with Likizo with complimentary breakfast in all hotels and around 75% with complimentary dinner as well along with breakfast. We were informed that all hall and hotel bookings need to be sent 30 days prior for arrangements.

After the agreement has been signed. These are the things that Likizo Services are backing out from now.

1. Now they are saying they will give gym membership only with their tie-ups even after we had rejected it before signing the document. They had showed the list of gyms nearby my area and I had specifically said I don’t want any of them and only Samara Gym is what I want which is near my area and they accepted it then, and are now disagreeing it after signing the agreement. Even in the agreement there is a mention of gym membership for 2 person for 5 years (charges included in the membership) they are backtracking on what’s written on the agreement now.

2. They said they will give six months voucher for Samara Gym after we mentioned the above point to them (after approval from management) and we can renew it after six months for again another six months. But this was never told to us before signing the agreement, this is something new that they are informing us now after signing the agreement. They are just create new terms and conditions according to their will and wish.

3. Forex services are not provided. I specifically asked if you provide forex services and visa services. But now they are denying that they do not provide forex services.

4. When the agreement was handed over, it was not notarized, any one entering into an agreement needs to be notarized for it to be legally binding.

5. It was specifically said that 0% EMI, but they never said that the bank will charge us interest and the interest charged to us will be paid back by the company and didn’t tell us how will they pay us back the interest to us that the bank has charged. This is severe breach of contract as we weren’t informed about this and after signing the agreement they are telling about the interest charge, and payback of interest.

6. It was promised if dissatisfied with services there will be a full refund but the agreement specifically says only 10% will be refunded to the client. This is total breach of trust and false promise.

7. On September 24, you couriered us a user guide which has terms and conditions which are different (on few points) than the agreement. You have forcefully in bold letters applied in the user guide that if gym membership is not utilized in a year it will be lapsed which you have not mentioned in your agreement and also we have specifically told you to give the entire five years membership together as that’s included in the membership and you are not ready to give that as well. This shows you are purposefully amending the terms and conditions according to your will and wish even after signing the agreement. This amounts to gross breach of contract and trust.
We were given false promises before agreement signing and they are back tracking on their words and revealing different things after signing the agreement.

We approached the NRI Police Station on September 15, 2018 and the police officer has on signed and stamped on the agreement about the same and we were specifically guaranteed by Likizo Services that the issue will be resolved within five days and also will email about the same which hasn’t been done yet and the only thing that they keep saying is the email has been forwarded.

There is no term in any legal govt circular where a merchant is not liable for refund for the product/services he sells. . This is a fraud company and we are filing a legal case as well.

I have specifically four times on email told them to given me every specifics and details in email as it will be proof, and also told them on phone calls. They always say will email but they never email me the specifics and details, as they don’t want to give it in writing.

Mr. Bharat is a liar himself. I specifically told him no phone calls will be entertained unless email with specifics is provided to me and he said you will receive an email next which I never received. They said they had a meeting with management, but they can’t provide it in writing through email.

Likizo Services Pvt Ltd — false promises and deficiency in services
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