Lower and Poor Class Service Experience at Sony Mobile service center.

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Dear Sir/ Madam,
I had purchased Z3 handset on 21/03/2015 from Croma store Nashik.
Got problem in touch pad in the month of May 2015.
After got free time, I visited service center on 30/05/2015 and submitted handset as per Job no. W115053004404 and Ticket Id no. 15053004404.

After many request and follow up I got service handset on 04/06/2015 till that time I could not ON my regular and important number 9422274040. Too much loss happened to me due to number was kept OFF for few days.

C5502 model black color handset given to me by NILIMA madam on 04/06/2015 in the evening time.

Now the given service handset is not working properly due to which I have no option but to keep my routine number OFF currently.

C5502 handset has got mike problem due to which opponent person could not hear voice clearly.

Nilima should think while issuing service handset on 04/06/2015 that, if some one customer had purchased Z3 costly handset then how she should issue such a poor quality handset to the customer who is using higher model like Z3.

Today I did call to 0253-2313327, he replied till 3-4 days will require to repair Z3 handset.

Now given C5502 service handset not working properly and my very important and routine number is OFF due to your company mistake. Too much loss already has happened to me and daily I am loosing my routine work due to my regular number is kept OFF.

Hence I do request before you all that either issue my repaired handset Z3 or give me new handset so that I can start my routine work as usual.

You pls take this issue very seriously and solve my problem on top most urgently basis.
Else I will post my comments against your Z3 model in online consumer complaint website. Plz take note of it.

Suresh Bagul,
9422274040 (Regular number)

Lower and Poor Class Service Experience at Sony Mobile service center.
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