L&T Infotech rejected 1000s of BE graduates before date of joining

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2 years ago in 2014 we all got placed in L&T Infotech and we were given assurance that we will have the best future in L&T Infotech. We were not allowed to attend other companies after getting placed 1s ,because of our college rules. We all finished our studies in the year 2015.We received our offer letters in a span of 3 months after we got recruited. Later on completion of our studies(after may’15) they started giving call letters to the selected candidates,but in a random manner. There was no transparency in the system followed by them. After numerous calls to the Hr,on demanding our state in the company,we received our tentative months of joining. But again we were not given any explanations on how we received our respective tentatives,as it differed from one individual to the another. We were stated to be called based on the ranking we earned. But again it lacked transparency through which ranks are ordered. Even after being provided with a tentative month of joining according to their so-called ranking,we were not called accordingly. Only 3 batches were called at the beginning after which they forgot about their ranking order and called randomly.Yet,again we were left with no explanations,but assumptions. For the next 5 months we didn’t get any news about the next batches to join and they used the same excuses,called BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS, every time we sent them queries. When we contacted HR’s from L&T Infotech we and our college placement officers were assured that we will be called for sure,and asked us to wait patiently.Later after 3 months of gap they randomly set a test, asked all IT and Non-IT students to prepare on some programming languages in a very very short period of time with out any sort of training and study material.But this was not conducted to any of the batches,who got placed with us and joined the company earlier to us and it is a system which is supposed to be conducted after the training period in L&T Infotech. A partiality again!!.An attempt to eliminate people on the pretext of checking their knowledge!.But,we, being desperate to get our call letters, completed the 3 months training portions in a week,without any training or study materials. We were all in a race to get into L&T Infotech And they assured its not an elimination test and mentioned that there will be no negative markings,but it will be used to call the waiting candidates based on their performance. Finally,the scheduled test date came and the test locations were way too far for us to reach. Some had to travel from state to state to appear the test,spent lots of money and emotions. Now comes the true picture…1st shock was,there was negative marking, whereas we were informed in prior that there will be no as such. And the second shock was that,the questions asked were nowhere near to test the basic knowledge of the students as mentioned in their mail subjected to assessment.It was a test that should be set for experienced candidates and not for freshers hailing from both IT and Non IT streams with zero exposure to the real time scenario or its implications. We had no option,other than appearing for the test.We had no choice but to attend it,as stated with a clause,that we would be eliminated if we chose not to do so. Later we all went home crying. Again we waited 15 days for their response.They sent mails to some people stating they are shortlisted,which will make just 10% of the candidate count appeared for the test.So,eventually we got that it was a recruitment drive for the people who have already been recruited.And we had no other option but to wait through all this.Finally, for everything we have been through,we are Honored by a REJECTION MAIL and half of the rejected candidates are girls. Still wondering how a reputed company is taking cruel decisions against women empowerment. Today girls are tomorrow’s women.Joining a job after graduation is the only way they get recognized as a self-sustained women in our society.When,same kind of issue was raised against HCL,before two years,the judicial verdict was in the favor of the affected candidates,by ordering HCL to give their job as soon as possible . And one more thing that made us furious was that L&T Infotech planned to conduct a mega recruitment drive all over India to recruit 8000+ fresher’s and preparing itself to spoil another thousands of graduates careers. The irony is that,when it does not have a business requirement for 1000+ candidates it employed in 2014,how does it hold its requirement now for recruiting new set of freshers??!!..This shows there ignorance and attitude,that they can get away with anything.This shows that still they are not satisfied by rejecting 1000+ careers and eagerly waiting to spoil additional graduates career and boosting India’s unemployment rate under a name of Indian MNC. At last we ended as unemployed after being placed and one year of wait. We lost our fresher’s badge and can’t attend any companies interview under the tag of fresher’s. Sir please help us ,we all are waiting for your reply.

L&T Infotech rejected 1000s of BE graduates before date of joining
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