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Government of India
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Sub: LTC(Block Year 2010-11)
Ref: S/3729/FRD/EII/2013/3463

Dear Sir,

I have availed LTC for J&K in the month of December 2012. I and my family (3 persons) had gone to Srinagar . The LTC had two modes on Mumbai-Srinagar sector. One is “Mumbai-Srinagar-Mumbai” via Delhi ( fare- Rs. 27048/-)and another “Mumbai—Delhi–Srinagar-Delhi-Mumbai” ( fare- Rs. 42131/-).

I went to Srinagar in Ist mode while returned to Mumbai in second mode. I returned in the second mode as Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. booked the tickets on that mode. It was not my fault nor it was my intention. If I had any option I could have booked my return journey on the Ist mode only. As it can be seen that I returned from Delhi on the same day and date. Yet it was well within the permissible LTC rules which says either of the mode can be permitted and my claim does not overshoot the LTC limit.

I had paid a sum of Rs. 1,08,534/- ( Rupees One Lakh Eight Thousand and five Hundred and Thirty Four only) to M/s Balmer Lawerie & Co. Ltd. for the tickets yet I received only Rs. 81144/- (Rupees Eighty One Thousand One Hundred and Forty Four only) which includes LTC advance and LTC settlement.

It may please be noted that :

I had purchased the tickets from M/s Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. – BARC approved agency. BARC do not allow purchase of tickets from any other agency barring M/s Ashoka Travels & IRCTC

Balmer Lawrie & Co Ltd. have issued the tickets marked HLTC i.e economy class..

M/s Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. is a Government of India Undertaking.

I have purchased the 3 tickets for a sum of Rs. 1,08,534/- whereas the total amount for 3 tickets by one of the two modes is Rs. 126393/-. Which clearly shows that I am well within the limit and I had performed my return journey by Mumbai—Delhi–Srinagar-Delhi-Mumbai” mode ( fare- Rs. 42131/-).

That no lapses were noticed in my LTC claim.

Even after fulfilling the conditions laid out by BARC I am being denied the refund of a whopping sum of Rs. 27390/- ( Rupees Twenty Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Ninety only.

Had I been permitted by BARC I could have purchased tickets for lesser amount from some other agency. But like others I was not allowed to choose other agents for purchasing the tickets and now I am being denied my legitimate claim and I am forced by AAO (TA/LTC) to bear the loss for no fault of mine. I had written on several occasions to AAO(TA/LTC) but did not receive any favorable response. Sir I request you most humbly to kindly look into the matter and resolve the issue favorably.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

A.R.Sen, SO/E
G/406/364; Emp. No. 6987

LTC Issue
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