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Today morning, I was planning to re-charge my Mom’s Airtel pre-paid Mobile (+91-8220733657).

I went through “Online Aritel Pre-paid Option”.
I paid Rs 146, but I didn’t receive the msg in her mobile.

I called Airtel Customer Care where Mr. Navaneethan attended my call. He told that I have re-charged for Rs 146 as Data Plan.

Come On, Even Airtel system very well could identify that this mobile device does not have a capability to support 2G, why did you accept the payment?

It looks like you are showing the offers with out any warning / clear message that it’s not a top up charge , instead of Data Charge.

I request them to move the fund to Call Charges, but they said that it’s not possible.

Why don’t they have the option to revert the fund?

This is really disgusting, I am an Airtel customer for more than 10+ years (My mobile : +-91-9901066433), I only recommended Airtel for my mom.

I would like to raise a Complaint against Airtel and get the re-fund.

Thanks and Regards
Maruthanayagam Arumugam

Transaction ID – 160408311131
Amount (Rs.) – 146.0

Maruthanayagam Arumugam
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