Mental and financial harassment by ICICI bank

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I am Mohit Bansal, a customer of ICICI bank at parliament street, Delhi branch from 2013. My account number is 663701500184. My account’s conduct has always been satisfactory. But now , out of blues, I received a call from my branch stating suspected criminal activity by me. The branch acted on basis of a simple customer complaint (not even FIR) from another customer. And they put a debit freeze on my account without any information to me. Upon calling the customer care service of ICICI, I got to know that debit freeze is not possible without an FIR. Please let me know the reason for such mental and financial harassment. You are also kindly requested to unfreeze my account at earliest. To support my stature, I have the following – 1) Copy of FIR lodged by me(this will help you know my side of story and my worst banking experience.) 2) Recorded conversation with your Customer care executive. 3) Request number : SR316496651 (request raised by me three days ago and no resolution yet showing apathy towards me, the customer) 4) Recorded conversation between me and the complainant ( this discussion was arranged by the branch and happened in the front of branch manager, wherein the complainant admitted his fault)

Mental and financial harassment by ICICI bank
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