MGNREGA 2012/13 th misuse of found

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Respected. Sir/Medam I am vidyasagar bhalke x Employ Karnataka MGNREGA Social Audit Co- Ordinetor Taluka Panchayat Humnabad And conducting 2012/13 th Gram Sabha Ward Sabha hv completed 33 Gps Social Audit Gram Sabhas in that my Social Audit found that each GPs Rs.15.000 to 50.000 misuse found printing Job card And inverter Without Government authentic printing press and without kst.cst no duplicate ocher attached in file
Was collected by providing.Fake bills And conducting Gram Sabha.ward sabha it has come to the knowledge that none of.the MGNREGA worker has got his job.card and one inverter was purchased For 35000 which original cost is 17000 and it.was brought from the Taluka Panchayat Executive Officer s relative shop without karnataka sell tax kst cst number
For each Gram Panchayat Amount collected in Taluka.Panchayat Humnabad FDC kiran patil. that found collected.which was misuse of found regarding this I hv given Social Audit report and MIS upload to district social Audit co-ordinetor.and.deputy.secretary discussed about this also After that wt happen I don’t know sir without Notice without knowledge and without reason deputy secretary has sent me the suspension order without reason to my Home address sir
Bidar district all 175 Gram panchayat MGNREGA 2012/13 th misuse of found I hv given social Audit report and MIS upload only my Taluka Humnabad 33 Gps and athors 4 Taluka social audit report MIS upload nile and 4 Taluka social Audit Co- Ordinetor job safety sir
These issues immediately action in higher Officer sent in. reference let’s

1) Chif minister of karnataka date09/12/2013

2)Govt of india New delhi MORJ 2013 No 00296 Date 23/02/2014

3) mgnrega dairector of karnataka date 09.12.2013 (2) leters and. Date :29/05/2014

4)HRC. 411/14(B 3) date. 29/01/2013

5) HRC 281/14(SB 11) date:27/01/2014

6) HRC. No /182/14(B3) Date 20/01/2014
7) PMO of India regi no/00977 sout Block Rasina Hill New Delhi date:31/05/2014

8) Ministry of rural development Krishi Bhawan New Delhi /CPGRAMS-DORLD/2014/No /00251

9) B.v mahendr Govt joint secretary of karnataka date :05/05/2014 (3) letters

10) Mgnrega social audit director of karnataka (3) letters date 12/03/2024 and 31/05/2014

11) Dr. Shalini Rajneesh IAS principal secretary department of Administrative. Reforms Govt of karnataka (2) letters data :24/03/2014 and date :10/06/2014

These Higher reference let’s don’t car in. deputy secretary and Mgnrega section officer zila panchayat Bidar these higher officer let’s without inspection Action taken and delete complaint without petitioner knowledge and without intimation to ministry.of new delhi and karnataka mgnrega.dairector.
These issue s inwall corrupt officer immediately action and amount Recovery in.. mgnrega section.offices
And 23 months without salary work sir And my position is very critical position and very serious condition and soonly recover my job and 23 month sanction my salary and job req. as I sincerely serve my duty without any error My children In School fess not a payd not a axam seething plez Help me sir/medam

Ur fearfully
Vidyasagar Bhalke
R%Gadgi Taluka and district Bidar karnataka
585402 call 9844783536

MGNREGA 2012/13 th misuse of found
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