MICROMAX 40 inch TV repair Horrible service

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I write as the most disappointed & frustrated customer from Chennai who made the blunder of buying Micromax 40 inch full HD Smart LED TV in Oct 2016.

My TV has stopped working in 1st week of Dec 16, and on lodging complaint with Call Center, a local service guy came within 2 days (Dec 12th) and said the board is gone and needs to be replaced which needs to come from Mumbai & will take a week’s time. After a fortnight of follow-up from my side, they said it will take 20 days total.

In first week of Jan17, after relentless follow up from my side, they said they will take it to the local service center and replace the part from other new TV in stock. Again after repeated followup from my side, on 10th Jan 17, they said they will replace the TV that week.

By 15th Jan, on my repeated follow-up they said new TV will be replaced that week. Again 4-5 days later, they said either the part will be replaced or new TV will be replaced this week.

Is it some kind of joke being played on a customer who has paid Rs.30000/- and bought your TV? Are you proving that you have the most pathetic and horrible customer service and there is ZERO consideration and regard for a customer after the sale is closed? How long Micromax will survive if this is your attitude?

MICROMAX 40 inch TV repair Horrible service
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