Micromax A116 version 4.1.2 battery purchase complaint against service center

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Hello Sir/Madam,
I have faced a problem regarding my phone Micromax A116 Version 4.1.2 battery when I had visited on dated 19.06.2015 at Micromax Service Center, Ms Cell Solutions 305 Krishna Nagar in front of Jai Gopal Industries, Bulandshahr Pin 203001 that has been transferred Near Bank of Baroda Wali Gali, Krishna Nagar, Bulandshahr in present.
Firstly my complaint is that this service center is giving only 01 month warranty to customer at battery on new purchase battery.
In this continuation I want to keep my problem behind you that I have given an order of new battery on dated 10.6.2015 to Micromax Service Center because at purchase time it was not in its stock and submitted Rs. 500.00 in from 890.00 This service center told me that it will be available in 3 days and we will message at your mobile number after three days for taking it and also assured me that if this new battery is found wrong after provide to me, they will change it in 3 days and this new battery will give one day full backup.
I had visited on dated 18.06.2015 at service center to take it and waited. I have watched that there was only one number battery in stock that was not in any polythene and was deep discharge when it has been given to me by this service center and seeming used old battery because firstly they had given to me after that confirmed me that you want to take the battery of Micromax A116 while they had snapped of my set. This battery does not keep any trademark and serial number at it that is at original battery. At last this battery had been given to me that day. After come at home when I have charged it about 3 and 4 hours but found that this batter had gone in low in few hours at same day. I had faced same problem again and again same day.
After that I had visited on dated 19.6.2015 at service center and want to take new battery instead of old battery there was not any battery in stock in original or local and when I showed the snapshot of my old original battery that had trademark symbol with serial number, this service center worker told me that they will provide to me new battery but not assured that they will give me trademark symbol t at battery with serial number and told that if I will take it this type of battery from this service center, they will give me warranty from dated 18.6.2015 nor new date when they will provide me after 3 days from 19.6.2015 when I had submitted it at service center. This shows that this worker is giving wrong battery to customer and keeping only one wrong battery in stock and is giving condition to customer that if you take trademark battery with serial number you will find take low warranty of battery. He told me that this new battery will take 10 days time to come at service center but when I have discussed it from worker that if any problem is found in battery, you will give it to customer in three days, at this he told me that I have collected wrong information about it. This has not been said by him. After that when I want to see CCTV footage for it, he has denied for it and told that this CCTV shows only video not audio.
Sir this service center worker has argued me again and again and not listed to me. When I urged from this worker that I want right new original battery with trademark and serial number at it, they will give order and mail for it. When I want to take my amount return, they did not return it and told me that we can not cancel order and not return your money. Sir when customer is returning battery next day from purchase in warranty period and wanting to take his amount, why service center is not returning his amount and forcing with customer that wrong battery is right battery and about that battery customer is giving information to this service center, they can not provide it and if they provide it they will give less warranty from in 30 days. Sir I want to know from you that when service center is providing wrong accessories to customer in spite of this they are lowing warranty of battery from in 30 days. Sir customer wants only right accessories and its warranty that is customer right but this service center is hiding information and providing wrong accessories to customer and after that when customer is demanding right accessories, they are continuously lowing warranty from in 30 days. This shows they are taking own decision and making fool to customer and hiding information from customer. There is not a legal authorities against this service center who may take an action against it.
Sir finally service center worker had accepted that he will provide me trademark sign battery with serial number and if it is not found he will provide it but I have to take its warranty from old bill date that will be less from in 30 days while the old battery had been used by me only one day.
Sir, I hope that you will check it and take a legal action at this service center and its executives and will give to me it revert shortly. I seem that this service center is hiding information from customer both regarding in original battery and in its warranty.

Anurag Agarwal
HN 1442 Ward 11 Shastri Nagar Lane 2
Bye Pass Road Bulandshahr 203001
Email : anu7321@gmail.com
Mob No. 8791212890

Micromax A116 version 4.1.2 battery purchase complaint against service center
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