Micromax A120 canvas Colours Mobile phone

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I purchased a Micromax A120 Canvas Colours – Black colour mobile phone from Sangeetha Mobiles, Koramangala, Bangalore for Rs.10,000/- on 14th June 2014. The phone came with 1 year warranty. A copy of the original invoice is attached for your reference.

In the first week of April 2015, while the phone was within warranty period, we faced a problem where the phone would get discharged even when left idle. When I checked with Sangeetha Mobiles, I was asked to take it to any Micromax Service centre.

On 20th April, we went to the service centre S3 Communications in Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bangalore. Our token number was I68. The staff there said it must be because the software had to be upgraded and asked me to sign a Job sheet and wait for 15 minutes. However, they didn’t give a copy of the Job sheet to me. They then said the software upgradation was done and the phone would charge properly.

On our return, we tried to charge the phone but it failed to charge. In fact, the phone went completely dead from that day itself. Our attempts with different chargers and different power points didn’t succeed in making the phone work.

On 5th May, I wrote to social@micromax.com about this and they insisted on the Job sheet number and a scan of the Job sheet, for further investigation, despite saying that I didn’t have the Job sheet number or copy with me.

On 6th May, someone called me from Micromax and asked me for the Job sheet number. When I told them I didn’t have the number or the sheet, they asked me to visit the service centre again and register the Job sheet number which I would get.

Meanwhile, I contacted S3 Communications in Jayanagar, Bangalore, over phone and got the Job sheet number for my visit on 20th April, S010113-0415-16192737 and provided it to the above email ID.

Inspite of that, Micromax insisted that I visit the service centre again for a second time and submit the phone for investigation. So I visited S3 Communications (service centre) again on 9th May morning and got the Job sheet copy for myself. The table ‘Condition of other parts/ functions’ was left blank so I told them that I wouldn’t accept any changes in the table later on. The lady at the centre mentioned only ‘Battery no charging’, to which I had added ‘Phone dead from 1 month’. They then asked for a time of upto 10 days for rectifying the problem. A copy of the Job sheet dated 09th May 2015, is attached here for your reference.

On 11th May I informed Micromax that I had visited the service centre on 9th May, and also provided the scan of the Job sheet for their reference.

Even after 10 days, no one called me about my phone, so on 20th May, I wrote to Micromax ID. The Service centre didn’t respond to my calls first. When they finally answered my call, they asked me to call the Head office saying my phone was with the Head office. I called Head office on 18605008286 but was told that it would take a month or so for the phone to be rectified.

I wrote to Micromax again on the 26th May that I want the refund of the money I paid for the phone, as I was not sure of the quality of service. Also I was managing without a mobile phone, as I could not afford to buy a new mobile phone.

On 28th May I got a response from Team Micromax (social@micromaxinfo.com ID) that they had already forwarded my complaint, and someone from your end will get in touch with me at the earliest.

On 2nd June, I wrote again to social@micromaxinfo.com, asking for the status of my phone.

Thereafter, I have been writing to Micromax both on Micromax FB page and on my FB page also, desperate to get my refund back, but Micromax has not responded yet.

No I want Rs.20,000/- (refund of Rs.10000/- for phone and another Rs.10000/- compensation for the mental anguish and cost I have incurred in visiting the service centre again and again) ASAP

Micromax A120 canvas Colours Mobile phone
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