Micromax Canvas Nitro Phone

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I have given my micromax canvas nitro phone in the M/S MSN communication service center in Jayanagar as there was audio problem in my phone . They told it will take 10 working days as it they need to replace the audio port of my phone . After 10 days , when I called in the service center , they told my phone’s motherboard is not working and they need to send it to the head office in delhi and it will take 20-25 working days . They have given my phone after 1 month after calling them many times and then finally after going to the service center and charged them for not giving the phone . First they told my phone is in head office and then I got to know it was there only . They did not send it to head office . I brought my phone as they told we have corrected the audio problem . After getting the phone, it didn’t get any better. The phone was not charging at all . Then again i gave my phone in another service center: M/S S3 Communication in Jayanagar on 21st May 2015 and they told that they need to send the phone to head office in Delhi as they need to exchange the mother board and it will take 20-25 days . It has already been 21 days and they are not giving any clear update . Again i called to head office , they told it will take 15 days more for the handset to be ready. I am not understanding from 2 and half months , i am struggling with my phone which i bought in the month of November 2014 . Only 7 month of purchasing and there is so many problems in the handset. If micromax is not able give good support and not producing good product also then i think they should close their shop .

Micromax Canvas Nitro Phone
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