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Dear Sir,

I purchased one micromax tab in the month of march, 2015 from Mobile store, janak puri dist. centre, new delhi.

The data cable of its adopter not working and I submit the same to their Service Centre, Rapid Communication at Ganesh nagar, new delhi on 30th July, 2015 with their written msg to get it within 7 to 10 days.

However, when I visited their service centre on 10th aug. they asked me come next week as data cable not reached, when I called again they given me next date. At last they asked me to collect it on 21st August and no need to call even. When I visited 21st august, the same story they repeated and ask me to check within next 7 to 10 days time, which is their pet dialogue now.

When I filed the complaint at their HO customer service, they confirmed data cable against my job sheet already sent to them and you can visit and collect it. When again I checked with their service centre, they refused to say any data cable delivered to them and asked them to contact again within 7 days or so.

When I am asking them to return my faulty cable, they are also not giving.

I want to file case against micromax under consumer court with so much time and harassment for merely a small data cable and cost of which is not more than rs. 150/- or so.

Pls circulate my compaint at all socil networking systems so that nobody buy micromax products due to their very very poor after sale service.

Micromax Mobile after sale Service
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