Misbehaviour by guard & appreciated by the branch manager

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It was very bad experience by me when i visit one of your branch (vastral) in Ahmadabad Gujarat. i have to take only latest passbook entry. It was 4pm when i enter the branch the door of the branch is half open and there is no Guard at the door.i went to the counter and ask one of your employee where i have to go for passbook entry. then i show the guard who sitting inside the bank on the chair stand and start shouting on me and ask how u enter in the branch, then i really shocked and tell that it only 4 of clock and i have to take passbook entry he tell that we clearly write out side the bank that working hour is upto 4 clock then i tell no issue then why are you shouting you can tell these thing very politely then he hold my hand and drag me outside the branch and tell first you go outside. then i tell lets me talk to Branch manager. without listening any thing his continue draging me outside. then i tell him clearly that i will complaint these thing to your agm then one employee come outside and take me to manager office. i really strange that Branch Manager cabin is near by the gate and he see all the misbehaviour done by the guard and he not interfere any thing when i threaten that i complaint to AGM then he call me and asking what happen then i tell everything then he support the gaurd by telling that he is doing his duty. My only concern i if the guard is really doing his duty then this senario will never be happen. inspite of sitting on the chair inside the branch he has to stand at the door and stop me while entering.and one of your employee also threaten me that he call on Ramol police station and lodge FIR against me. i really get very angry and think that the bank where i kept my earning is behaving like this. Anyway i forget every thing and ask your manager that sir you are senior person i am really sorry that due to me there in innocense create in the branch but your branch manager not feel that his gaurd and misbehave with one of your customer who give business to the BOI. His nither appolised me or not said any thing to the guard. Is this is the customer services BOI is giving to the customer. My concern is not a guard but branch manager if he not realized that something went wrong with the customer , ITS very Shameless.Tommorrow i go to my boi branch and will close my account in boi. I know it not affect your bank while closing a single account but its really affect when you loose a good customer.

one time i think lets forget all thing and move to other bank but one thing i feel if i not complaint then it will repeated with other customer then that i am also faulty and you lose another customer if i complaint then at least they have some respect with the customer

Misbehaviour by guard & appreciated by the branch manager
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