Mishandled my AD : cancelled twice

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Gone through very shabby treatment from Quikr. For My Ad 252278808 the buyer sent me offer which I accepted, they made payment as we wanted to avail free delivery.
First time the buyer paid, I got confirmation from transporter that they will pick u the same on 12th (Friday). The buyer then said she is not available, so can you deliver on Saturday. AFTER # DAYS nothing happened and when called up it was said the order is cancelled because the buyer told they are not available for 5 days and hence automatically cancelled !!!!
following your CUSTOMER CARE dept. suggestion, we restarted he process, as they can not do anything once cancelled. Again she transferred money to quikr. Again I got call for pick up. But later got a call that the delivery not possible so it is getting cancelled because the delivery address is not of your delivery area.

So why first day itself it was not informed ??
What quikr has taken money ?? We would have directly transacted.
Why second time they asked us to transact through quikr ??

We want a free delivery or else will take some time out to complaint at consumer court for the fraud done by quikr – taking money and keeping with them for these many days.

Mishandled my AD : cancelled twice
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