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I purchased a Vodafone connection in 2014 , prepaid . I haven’t been using it for a few days, then suddenly as I was ready to use it again, no incoming or outgoing calls were allowed. And with many days’ calls and trip to the office, submitting credentials again finally got connection back, then by 2015 , I left the country but took the sim with me recharged every 3 months, hoping to keep it active so that I can make necessary calls from the Airport,as soon as I land back in India after 6 months. But to my dismay, they not only took a service charge out of my recharged balance amount, they kept it inactive. So I had a hard time at the Airport. I went to their office, in SA rd, Cochin and the salesmen Anoop saying that my sim doesn’t match with their record and offered me duplicate sim. But he insisted that I should have a balance of 50 rupees( I had 50 but they had taken 6 in the form of service charge) . So I agreed to take a duplicate sim and put 50 again into my account. I was told I have a balance of 82 after the created tax and whatever , by Anoop. But as I came back home after I saw that it was reactivated, made a call, the balance showed 24 something . Went back to the office , enquired about not getting any msg of recharge of 50 and that kind of difference suddenly (82 – 24). They said it is the cost of duplicate sim. Am I crazy after carrying it with me as I went abroad, recharged with 20, 30 and tolerated their 6 rupee service charge and then buying it for another 50 rupees ? This was an absolute cheating business. Anoop was mumbling the first day just to mislead me, but the second day, once my money is in their hands, he was so loud and clear lying to the manager that he had made it clear to me that it was the cost of the sim. This must be an incentive for the sales man. The manager, the company, all in favor of these actions.

Misleading customers
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