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hi, I am Jyoti Verma . i bought new Micromax CAnvas Juice A177 on 16/10/2014.
i got warranty for 1 year + i year extended warranty. my touch stop working after some month. i gave the cellphone on 8/05/15 in the service center Trisha Enterprishes, shop no. LM-16, mansarovar Complex, bhopal. the charge was taken as 1150m by me as the phone was in warranty period. the phone given to me was a swapped one on 14/05/15.

again the problem was that my celphone stoped charging on 25/01/16, again the charge taken was 350 for the damage at the same center

after 2 days again my cellphone was not working properly as its touch was not working. again i gave it on repairing on 11/2/16 and the charge taken was 1150

again after 3 days my touch is not working properly.

so i want to say that why the charge is taken so much when the cellphone is not serviced properly.

again i will go to the center and again the charge of 1550 will be taken by me. please resolve the problem for my cellphhone.and try to refund the money as the good is not serviced properly or provide me new cellphone of the same model as the cellphone is in warranty periiod..

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