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Dear Sir,
We are running office in the name of Norman&Company. Already we are having email ID:normanco@hotmail.com. In our office staff or some body has opened in the name of normanco@gmail.com . For the last two days whenever
we try to open our mail ID through out looks immediately showing user name is
normanco@gmail.com. We have surprised also the same. We have tried to create another mail ID through gmail.com like normanco@gmail.com. This email ID has opened somebody and the same showing in gmail.
If any one continue use this mail ID in our system automatically showing user name is normanco@gmail.com.WE are much worried about this. Because our office important documents or inquiry is some body misusing and the same we are feeling. Please find out the culprits and send the owner name of normanco@gmail.com. Also the detail of account created date also. We are much worried about this matter. Kindly help us and deactivate the normanco@gmail.com
Kindly do the needful and acknowledge
Thanking you,
With regards

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