Mobile not repairable by service center

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Dear Sir,
I have purchased Karbonn Titanium S2 plus mobile in Dec 2014 in Nasik Maharashra. mobile was fallen from my hand.It has no external damage. at that time i away from Nasik. So i was unable to repair that mobile in nasik service center.So I was given that mobile to local mobile repair center. They said that it is not repairable. So when i came in Nasik and shown to Service center ,They also said that it was not repairable.. So kindly help me out to repair my mobile.Still it is under 1 year warranty.

Mobile not repairable by service center
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  1. Vaibhav Dahima

    Karbonn service centres suck..they kept my phone for 9 months and still didnt repair.. So i submitted again… They dont have the courtesy to talk..And they also say that dont care about the compalint in consumer forum. This is india where a consumer is treated as a dog.. Pls tale some action against them mobile- 8093675545


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