mobile phone is not repaired at service centre and not repairing also

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i have karbon a30 which is not working properly .the issue of the mobile is the cell phone doest catch the network ,display light goes while calling and the speaker is also not working properly the display light goes automatically and work hard to get back,this was the problem im facing with the mobile NOW my complaint is i have given this cell for repairing in service centre at vashi sector 2navi mumbai on 3rd of july they told me tocollect the mobile after 28 days when i went to ask the status abut the mobile they told me it will be repaired with 2 hour and cum and collect when i went and collected the mobie and CHECKED is was in the same condtion as it was before .they told me we have software it now it not going to repaired with us as we now no longer with the tie up with the company now you to go some other service centre. after keeping the mobile for more thsn 25 days they are giving me not repaired mobile condition .now after so much delay where shuld i go .and even the service centre are not giving the exteention of warranty duration of period they have kept with them for repairing as my warranty is also at the ending period ,I HOPE THIS COMPLAINT AGAINST THE COMPANY AND SERVICE CENTRE WILL RESOLVED SOON THROUGH YOU

mobile phone is not repaired at service centre and not repairing also
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