Mobile Phone Service Deactivated without proper reason

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To whomsoever it may be concern.

I have Reliance Mobile Post Paid Connection from 2012. I am doing regular payment of same on or before due date. My Mobile Bill vary from 1100-1600 Rs per month.
But this time i got pathetic experience as my mobile outgoing service has been ward.
I tried Customer Care and share the detail and asked them to tell why it is so.
But they do not have reply. As they do not tell the details of this month before bill generate and asked me to submit Rs 6200 to again activate the phone. I already asked them to share the detail but they do not have details to share to Customer.

Yesterday i had a emergency in Night I had to call to Chemist for Medicine but did not able to call and got in tragic situation. Who will bear this.

If they do not tell Customer the exact reason then why Customer care team is sitting over there just to ask for money everytime without any solution. I don’t know why these type of Absurd Mobile Service Company is operating in India.

Nitin Mittal
Mb No- 8010599992

Mobile Phone Service Deactivated without proper reason
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