Mother Diary Spoiled Milk

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I bought Mother Dialry One Litre Toned Milk Packet from Mother Dialry Booth # 147 (Nasirpur Road, New Delhi 110045) around 7 PM on 25th July, 2015. After boiling the milk in the stainless steel vessel on low flame for one minute, the milk is spoiled. I noticed that the expiry date on the milk packet is 26th July, 2015. I reported the matter to the Mother Diary Booth # 147 vendor. By the time, some other people also came to the Mother Diary Booth # 147 with the same complaint. The vendor assured us that he would resolve the matther by next Monday. When I contacted him on Monday, he refused to refund or replace the spoiled milk packet.
After the milk is spoiled on 25th July 2015 evening, I bought one litre Mother Diary Toned milk from another booth. That packet has the expiry date 27th July 2015. Why is Mother Dialry Booth # 147 not selling fresh milk? We stopped buying from Booth # 147. If you do not take necessary action against Mother Dialry Booth # 147 vendor, we stop buying all Mother Diary products.

Mother Diary Spoiled Milk
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