Moto G2 Handset not working within warranty period (Complaint #150 924 028 199)

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By: › Motorola › Motorola India Pvt Ltd — Moto G2 Handset not working within warranty period (Complaint #150 924 028 199)
Motorola India Pvt Ltd — Moto G2 Handset not working within warranty period (Complaint #150 924 028 199)

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Mark as Resolved User S_Lature on Oct 1, 2015
I have purchased moto g2 from Flipkart 11months ago, within warranty period. All of a sudden while watching videos it got stuck 16 days ago, I waited for few min and then switched off the cell after that, it was not switched on. Then I contacted Motorola Call Center for help. When I narrated the whole incident, they informed me to either auto start or hand over the cell to Service Center. As per their advise, I have taken that to Service Center (Motorola service centre – Global Service center, near Garware Bridge, Deccan, Pune) twice (once as it is along with box and other devices received from flipkart, and second time along with Invoice copy of flipkart from e-mail and ID proof). They have examined and informed me that we will check today and if there is a software problem it will take 2 days and if there is a hardware problem it will take 7-8 days, will give a call once we examined, I have not received any call from them after that. When I contacted, they informed me about hardware part issue and said we have ordered it, will take 3-4 days to deliver from Motorola company / department. After 4 days when I contracted the service centre after receiving the message that, cell was repaired and you can collect your device from service center. I went to service centre and came to know that, the part ordered was not suitable to operate the system, hence they have ordered another one. I asked how many days it will take to repaired, I got the reply saying, “Sir once we receive the part will repair it”. I asked the exact date or number of days it will take, they said contact call centre for the same, I raised a complaint for the same in Call center. As I don’t have another device for myself, I borrowed old device from my three friends as of now, saying will give it back after 2 days. Their after I repeatedly calling service centre but they only saying that we are looking into your complaint. After exhausted with my temperament, requested the call centre representative that I want to talk some responsible person who can guide me and can advise for the solution, they have confirmed that they will arrange for the call back. Later on I am calling continuously twice a day for 3 days and no one from the centre called me to speak up with me for my problem. I don’t have another device of my own and using friends cell. Can someone guide me the right way of my complaint so that I can get my device back with repaired at the earliest, as I am facing lot of issues with communication with parents, friends, colleagues etc. I am expecting my cell to be back by Saturday morning (3/10/2015). If not then new device should be give in replacement. Please let me know your guidance and advice on this number 9890363905 or on my wife’s cell number 9371798288.Your feedback is appreciable.
Complaint Status
[Oct 01, 2015] Motorola customer support has been notified about the posted complaint.
Updated by S_Lature, Oct 08, 2015
I have not yet received my device. After several calls made, they are keep saying like we are looking into your case and you will get your device soon.

I am really fed up now, without mobile I lost my all communications with my friends, relatives and most importantly my official timely contacts. The situation is intolerance.

Can someone guide me what are the procedure to raise complaint against Motorola Co., so that I can get my device repaired sooner or ask for new device against it.
Updated by S_Lature, Oct 15, 2015
I have raised the complaint and also made several calls to the Service centre and also the Motorola Help desk and every time I have been informed with excuses saying, we have made the order for hardware, we are looking into it, we will arrange a call back (no call back will be arranged), you will get it done by 19/10/2015, our service executives are looking into it and last but not the least excuses, now surprisingly they are saying like you may get it on 19/10/2015 as the hard ware is not available in company so they have ordered from abroad… also I have requested them to give it in writing that I will get back my device by 19/10/2015 also I extend the warranty period for the period the device is in service centre i.e. from 14/09/2015 to the date on which my device will be delivered to me with proper services with all features functioning on the device. As per the original warranty period will be ending on 22/10/2015.

On the above complaint, I noticed that your status updated as “Complaint Status
[Oct 01, 2015] Motorola customer support has been notified about the posted complaint. I wanted to know what further action you will be taking on the Motorola Co & service centre for this Miserable services. or please advise me what should I do. It would be great if you explain with the necessary steps to take it further as an serious complaint

Moto G2 Handset not working within warranty period (Complaint #150 924 028 199)
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