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Mail written by me to motorola company but even after that no response and no service or return of mobile handset till today – In continuation to my earlier mails, I have not received my handset or any response from your service center till date. It feels that motorola is least concerned about customer complaints as your service center guys never bother to update on the status of the phone and keep delaying the services endlessly. My phone complain was registered by me on 05.08.2015 and your busy employees did not get time to visit for service till 12.08.2015. To add to the grief the phone has not been returned to me till date (when you claim to fix the issue in 5 working days). Everytime your representatives keep asking for further time without any reasonable explanation (I have been talking to a person named Kanchan at your xpress service helpline number).

Further, your online support system seems to be even more hopeless as you have been giving lame replies since day one and as per your last reply – the complaint has been forwarded to some “Relevant Team” which apparently does not seem to exist as even they havent bothered to reply till date.

I have tried to deal with your support team patiently but all in vein as I have approached three of your service centers, your online chat service and this complaint via mail and am yet to receive any solution. I want a replacement of my phone immediately as none of your customer support service has been able to resolve the issue since a very long time. Your mails have been giving a disclaimer to reply within 72 hours or the issue will be considered to be resolved. So in a similar fashion, I expect the issue to be resolved this time within next 72 hours or the issue will be taken up by me in a consumer forum.

Motorola service complaint
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