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i am staying in Mumbai .I had hired OLA cab from 10 APRIL 2015 till 23 APRIL 2015 FOR COMMUTING FROM EITHER MY RESIDENCE ( GHATKOPAR EAST- in MUMBAI) TO MY OFFICE AT CHAKALA AT ANDHERI EAST . The route adopted by me was same on all the days when I used the services of OLA cabs

However to my surprised i found out that the Company was overcharging me by way of Mileage and waiting time . Please note that i used the same route on all days when i used OLA cabs but their billing showed different Mileage on different days and also the waiting charges was supposed to charged only from the time when the vehicle arrives at your house whereas they charged me when it was booked

This was brought to the notice of the Company and they were good enough to refund an amount of RS 454 .00

They also admitted that it was a device problem and as such refunded
My query subsequently was if it was a device problem daily and with 20 operators having the same problem during the period when i travelled , then it is a problem with all OLA cabs . This means the daily collections which an OLA owner collects from Passengers is an excess amount and also the amount which is collected by OLA towards service charges from OLA owners at 15 % is also excess collected

i have written e mails to OLA as well as to their CEO and CFO TO ASERTAIN FROM them whether it is a software problem or what and any corrective steps are taken or not and there is no reply .

it is a clear case of cheating the public by overcharging on mileage and waiting time


please take up the issue and revert

MR r.k.chary
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