Mr Thomas P Tharayil

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Dear Sir,

Ref: Your trailing email about a credit card issued in my name.

I hereby inform you, that neither have I applied for your credit card, nor have I received any
credit cards from your Bank. If you have mistakenly issued a credit card in my name to
somebody, You are fully responsible for such action. I am a Chief Manager working for a Bank
and I do not need any other credit card from any other bank for whatever reason.

So, I am warning you to revoke any credit card that you may have issued in my name and send me
a confirmation mail stating the card has been revoked.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas P Tharayil
Chief Manager –

On Thu, 07 Apr 2016 17:46:07 +0530 wrote
> Dear Cardholder

Thank you for your credit card relationship with us.

Please find enclosed the monthly statement for your HSBC Credit Card.You can view your credit
card statement from anywhere in the world in this format.We suggest that you save it in your
personal records for future reference.

Password protection
This statement is secured by a unique password assigned to you for your personal access only.
Your password is a combination of the last 4 digits of the Primary card number followed by the
first 4 letters of your name as it appears on your credit card followed by your date and month
of birth (in DDMM format).

In case the name on the credit card is less than 4 letters, the digit 9 is (are) to be
appended at the end of the password to complete the 12 digits of the password. (Refer to
example 3)

For example:
1: If the name on your primary credit card is Sumit Sharma and the card number is 5120 0000
0000 4200 and your birth date is 01 January 1970, then the password will be ‘4200sumi0101′.

2: If the name on your primary credit card is S S Sharma and the card number is 5120 0000 0000
4201 and your birth date is 22 January 1973, then the password will be 4201sssh2201 [the
spaces would not be considered]

3:If the name on your primary credit card is Ram and the card number is 5120 0000 0000 4202
and your birth date is 15February1972, then the password will be 4202ram15029

Important Information:

To open this secure encrypted file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or
above. Please note that you will not be able to access this file with any version lower than
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0.

Please ensure that you check the entries in your statement and for any queries or
concerns, you may approach us on the contact details mentioned in the separate attachment
with this statement

We thank you for playing a role in the conservation of our environment.

Yours sincerely,

HSBC India

Mr Thomas P Tharayil
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