M/s Samsung -mobile battery -cheated by samsung e-store

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I bought a Samsung mobile Battery vide e-store order ref:1365447 for my Samsung Ace mobile. After receiving it, while I put it in charging, the mobile shown a symbol as Battery short circuit and mobile gets switch off immediately. While I use another battery from my friend mobile phone, Mobile phone works well and charges properly. While I use this battery in my friend mobile, the mobile shows a symbol as Battery short circuit and mobile gets switch off immediately.

So it is very clear that the supplied battery by M/s Samsung is a defective one.

Since the stores will cheat by providing some old battery, I ordered on them. I had hope that Samsung e-store will not cheat and will provide original new battery. But now I feel that I have been cheated by them.

Now I have been forced by their un ethical action to think twice to buy Samsung products.

Now they advice me to go to Samsung Service center which is 25 KM from my place.

I could have bought this battery in some Store but I thought their e-store may supply new & Genuine product, that’s why I have ordered on M/s samsung. Now I understood their business ethics and the way they are cheating customer by supplying some old products. I was surprising while I saw the exchange offers that what they will do using the old mobiles. Now I understand that they are being sold to people like me.

Second reason for ordering in online is obviously to reduce the burden of going to store which is away from me.But now they made me to run here & there. I do not know what they will repair in the battery.

M/s Samsung -mobile battery -cheated by samsung e-store
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