MTS data card verification

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i bought a data card ftom mts and they said it will be activated the very next day.ofcourse that never happens but now i have waited for a whole week and they still havent activated my data card.on top of that when i called them,they just hung up on me.this is really bad.atleast they should talk to the customer.when it was time to make the payment they came even at night on saturday,which i guess is their day off.can you believe this money suckers,and when its time to serve the customers they make us wait.this is really not fair.

MTS data card verification
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  1. MTS

    Dear Customer,

    We are fully sensitized to your concerns. However, we request you to please mail your query/complaint to along with 10 digit MTS number in order to provide you with better resolution.

    Thank You. MTS India


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