My Amount has not been Refunded yet more 4 Days Gone

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Dear Team,

Please help me on this.

i have booked one ticket from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam on Thursday July 02nd 2015, the amount has been deducted from My Bank account but ticket wasn’t booked. and also i didn’t received any Email or SMS.
i called to Abhi Bus Customer care i explained everything they told me we shall refund and they assured it will refund by automatically.
i checked my statement after 3 days the amount has not refunded yet.
again i called to customer care twice First time they told me their server issues please call back, i called back they are telling now i am not able to identify transaction which occurred please provide Order no or anything, but surely i didnt received any messages yet even email communication also.
but i can see the amount has been deducted from Bank the description also showing clearly the amount was deducted by Abhi Bus travels. please find below snapshot for your reference.

i request you to help on this fraud.

My Amount has not been Refunded yet more 4 Days Gone
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