my mobile problem solve early

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Dear sir/madem

sub:-I purchase your company mobile intex Aqua HD silver-911439650389248

please inform this mobile purchase At Gondal Dealer music & Tele world Date:-21-05-2015 before not good start any problem before i am your cust.service station in Gondal Date:-09-06-2015 and Date:-15-06-2015 this problem not solve your Gondal cust service Talk your problem not solve this station and you going Rajkot cust care service station before i going to your syscon service station Nirmala Road,Rajkot Date:-23-06-2015 but his my mobile given and talk this your mobile company service and 1 month receive your mobile so i given my mobile and this job sheet numer:-506237117153T001 Date:-23-06-2015 and not your cust service call your mobile company receive but i am going to your service station Date:-28-07-2015 at Rajkot service station receive my mobile but not this problem solve
my mobile problem as under:-

* Battery charge and not use but battery dish charge only 4 clock.
* Contect number save sim card but number delete and only number so.
* voice search not start
* whatsapp image and video not download.
* incoming call not attented.
* mobile every time lock but not start.
* speakar not real voice.
* blutooth not working.
* call receive but my talk not user mobile only one speak mobile.

so this problem not solve so given my Rs your dealer talk i not this your company mobile and change new pic this mobile so problem early in 3 to 4 days. before i going to grahak seva kendra.

please do needful your’s faithfully


my mobile problem solve early
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