My Polo Car Reg. No. MH-12 HF 8079 Oil Sump damage

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Dear Sirs, I am the owner of the above referred MH-12 HF 8079… VW POLO 1.2 CR TRENDLINE BSIV which was registered on 20-09-2011. In the past whilst driving I had experienced a oil sump damage, but before any further casualty I was informed by a passer-by who brought to my notice that the car had left a trail of oil behind me. I immediately brought the car to a halt. Later the oil sump was replaced in B.U. Bhandhari and the claim for the damages was settled by the insurance company. In the present case I bumped over a small speed breaker. After the impact I got down to figure out if there was any leakage, but did not notice any thing, as the felt started absorbing the oil. In fact this has been a harrowing experience every time I hear a sound when passing over even small speed breakers. After a few minutes the engine stopped and subsequently the brakes failed which forced me to swerve the car off road, leading to body damage. Please note that after the sound I had fixed my gaze to the front display panel as a normal practice, but there was no indication light whatsoever which would have alarmed me of the depleting oil level. Kindly note that even in an six seater auto rickshaw manufactured with local know-how has an indicating light. In fact since this comes as a very serious flaw the company should have by now fixed this problem by calling all the cars back. I had purchased your vehicle on the basis of TRUST in the German Technology promoted by your Company, but it has now revealed a very serious flaw in your design. This came as a shock and has landed me into huge losses in terms of money, time, hardship and mental stress. Coming from an engineering background, I am manufacturing machines for the wood working industry. After this incident I have collected enough contents, data and shortcomings of your design parameters against crucial faults, for simulating a video for public awareness. Before I take this as my personal agenda to be heard in the consumer forum, I would like you to resolve the issue amicably. WE HAVE BEEN COMPLAINING THIS FROM PAST 2 DAY TO BUT WE HAVE GOT NO REPLY Khurshied Hakim Mbl: +919890154567

My Polo Car Reg. No. MH-12 HF 8079 Oil Sump damage
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