Name On My Passport Is Forced To Be Amended In Order To Get My New Born’s Passport

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Name on my passport is forced to be amended in order to get my new born’s passport
I am from Vapi and got married to an Indian based in Africa. I made my passport years back when i was unmarried.
I delievered a baby girl here in India in August and now wish to make her passport. I have all her documents required for her passport application. I have the registered birth certificate,my passport and my husbands passport. My baby’s passport was refused to be made until i add my husband’s name on my passport. My passport was made way before i got married and therefore there is no way my spouse’s name has to be on it. Unless i get it reissued or renew it if its about to expire. which again if is required. How can they force me to enter my spouse’s name on my passport and delay the process and which is not necessary. If the authorities needs to do any kind of check they should check the marriage certificate, birth certi of the child which should suffice their requirements as it has both our details on it. How is it fair to me and my family that each time we go Surat it is 2 and half hour journey up and same down anyways with the child who is just 40 days now for such a long journey. The weather too is not favourable for me and my child and my mother who is forced to come with me since I have had my c section surgery. She too is in her 60’s. After adding my name and visiting Surat for the 3rd time now they have the problem is that they want a NOC from my mother saying that I and my husband live with her in my father’s house. Again we had to come back with my child travelling that long. Is it not the inhuman behaviour of the authorities in SUrat Passport office. If that was the matter they should have enquired everything in the begining and should have given the check list of what all things are required. They know that if the parents are getting the passport for their new born they should be from different country or intend to travel for their living to the other country. I have my tickets booked for all of us but looking at this speed I dont think i will make the journey back to Africa this soon. It is such an inconvinience monetarily and physical stress as it comes expensive to travel there and physical stress i have to bare which is the post delievery consequences. Please understand the pain a woman goes through in all this. They should atleast have the chivillary to say that if the father comes and does all of this will be alright. Even that they are not ready to say. How cruel is our system.

I need to appeal with the HODs why are we so much backward still? If we are following so much the of western world why can’t we follow their system and see how easy life is in the other countrys in the way the Govt and their different bodies work.
My sister delievered 2 girls in other part of the world and never the less they had to made any travel to any office. They just filled the form which is available in the post office and attach all the required documents and sent it with special delievrey and received the passport in 7 working days.

Please dont force us to think that we still live in the era where this basic facility of an Indian is questioned!! Think about it

Name On My Passport Is Forced To Be Amended In Order To Get My New Born’s Passport
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