Need Replacement / Repair Of My Sony LED TV With Immediate Effect

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I have purchased Sony TV LED model KDL-42W700B from Sony Centre Kolkata oNeed Replacement / Repair Of My Sony LED TV With Immediate Effectn 12th Apr 2014. Suddenly I got some problem in my TV last month and informed to the customer care on 30th Aug 2014.
And the request ID is 20715425. After that Sony has assigned some engineers and they came to my house and checked the TV and told me that LED panel is corrupted. They have told me to replace the panel. As the TV is in warranty they have open the TV and taken the picture of panel type and told me that we will place the order to head office and after getting the panel we will replace it in your TV. Today whenever I have queried with Sony with said request ID the person sitting at customer care (Name is Rahul), told me that it will take more time as the parts is not available in India. Sony India has ordered that from Singapore.
If a new TV which is a recent model and the parts is not available then what a customer will do?

It’s already been 16 days. Literally it’s impossible for me to bear with such scenario. I cannot wait for so long. If parts are not available then replace with a new TV of same model. Why should I suffer for Sony’s problem.

This will hamper / dent the reputation of Sony if this sorts of customer care got from Sony’s side in warranty period.

Need Replacement / Repair Of My Sony LED TV With Immediate Effect
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