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Order was confirmed by netmeds on 26th Aug, order no-NMS16081889856P,but after many follow up they decided to change order due to insufficient medicines on1st aug-order no-NMS160818898526P. And it was conveyed to me on 2nd Sept that medicine will be depatch. Again now at 11 pm I have checked and they have changed order no- NMS160902993725RC, under processing. Its became a customer harassing game. and I want a justification from them. My mother is ill, and needs medicines, thus why I ordered. But it is in no use. They mentioned that within 5-7 days medicines will reach but already its 7 days gone. No communication from Netmeds. Please register complaint and I want a claim of returned maney of more than what I ordered fro netmeds. If anything happens to my mother, then who will be responsible? as I have paid in advance to them. Please suggest or reply, I want a bigger refund not for my use but to make a lesson to them.

Netmeds company
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