Never Trust Oyo Rooms/Apartments

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Had a booking in Oyo Apartments,IIT Mumbai Powair for a night for two rooms on the 4th of August.I paid online and had confirmation of a confirmed booking.On reaaching Powai i could not locate the hotel so called customer care for directions.They told me they will call me back but no one did.After 4 such calls and two hours later i reached the hotel ,exhausted.
There i was told my booking had been cancelled by the hotel this very morning as they had no rooms to give!When i spoke with Customer care again i was told the booking had not been cancelled ,after 45mins of arguing i was very rudely,with my colleague told there were no rooms and to sort it out with the company.
Oyo customer care then told me due to a technical fault the rooms weren’t available so i have been allocated two rooms in a nearby Oyo Property which was 20 mins away and i was promised of no further issues.
This was Oyo Lake Palace .On reaching the place to my utter dismay i was told there was no booking in my name and there were no rooms to give.On calling Customer Care i was rudely told my Trip Id did not exist and then after half an hour i received an SMS that i had yet again been shifted to a hotel in Mulund which was 45 mins away without any means of transportation or any directions and without even asking me.
I immediately called my agent and told them to cancel my booking as it was almost evening and i was not to be shifted from hotel to hotel like an idiot after having paid and received confirmation on my booking.
I wish to complain about Oyo’s dependability as a hotel chain and i do not recommend it to anyone unless it pulls up its socks.

Never Trust Oyo Rooms/Apartments
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  1. Nagaraj

    My self Nagaraj had booked rooms in chandigarh from 03 Aug to 4th Aug 2016.
    I had got sms about confirmation for booking as well as IVR call where I was supposed to confirm my arrival. In fact a number was given for missed call to again confirm the booking which I did.
    Another number was given which said will connect to the hotel rececption.
    As soon as I arrived to chandigarh airport U called the above said number whet 3 sets of IVR were there which said soon it will the hotel rececption reception and I was asked to Dial number 2 for current booking status as soon as I did call got disconnected. This happened all the time and with no other option I had to book rooms some where else. When I am in conference the next day I am getting a call from call centre asking why I did not check in the previous day.What should I say to that person now ………….


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