new sim not allotted by Airtel Retailer ID no. 9572986890

Complaint Date:

My name is Ashok Kumar Sultania, Inspector of Customs, presently posted at Jogbani. I consulted Airtel Retailer (ID NO. -9572986890, M/s Jaytara Communication, Main Road, Jogbani, Araria, Prop-Puppu Sen, for taking new airtel sim on 06.01.2016. I submitted a xerox copy of Aadhaar card as address and id proof alongwith remarks “to be used for taking the new sim for Airtel”. After three days i was told that your documents has been rejected due to extra word used in document and new sim earlier given to me, was taken back by him asking that your sim will only be operative if you give a copy of fresh id proof on putting your sign without any remarks/date. Now i may be informed what i did wrong if i gave remarks on id for the purpose of obtaining a new sim of your reputed company. The proof of rejection is also lying with me. Your early respose in this regard is highly solicitted.

thaning you.

new sim not allotted by Airtel Retailer ID no. 9572986890
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