New XOLO 8x-1000 Automatic Switch Off

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I bought a Xolo (LAVA BRAND) phone model no Xolo 8x-1000. IMEI no 1 is – 911392551351660, IMEI no 2 is – 911392551401689
I bought it on 09.07.2015 (9th July ) and unfortunately this phone started switching off from the same day !!! I contacted the delar he told me to contact service center as it might be a manufacturing defect . I visited at service center on 11 july 2015 ( SAI COMMUNICATION 1300415 ) COMPLETE ADDRESS IS U-197 2ND FLOOR SHAKARPUR DELHI 110092 #9560832179/011-22421109 .
I told them to give me DOA letter because its been just 1 – 2 days and I am facing this problem . They simply denied to listen and wanted to check the phone . They did some software work and asked me to observe it for a day and contact them if having same issue . They did not give me any JOB sheet and told me if they give me a job sheet , I wont be able to collect DOA letter ever.
Next day again phone switched off while I was on call . I went at the service center on 13 July 2015 , I told them same issue comes up so please give me DOA . the manager named PRAMOD was very rude to me and said do you have a video recording where you can show me the phone is switchig off ? I said its not possible for me to buy a video camera and shoot video for 24 hours because issue is random , it might come at anytime . He said he is not going to give me DOA letter if I can not submit any proof . All staff was very lazy and token machine was also not working there. I requested him again and again but he did not have any professionalism at all. He told me if he gives me DOA letter , LAVA will cut his salary . This is very unfortunate !!!!!
LAVA is a big time fraud company
He said they will use my cell phone for 2 days and took my phone . This time he gave me a job sheet .
WORKORDER DATE 13.07.2015.
Guys , if you can not provide us good product / services why you are running this company ? You are also an INDIAN company so why you scam indians?
I am really unhappy with LAVA . I have used samsung /Micromax and thought I should LAVA/XOLO but you disappointed me .
Please give me a doa letter I do not want to use this phone.
Take some action against your service center at laxminagar. Staff was really not good .
How can A PHONE start giving problems from next day of purchase ?
Are you people money seekers ?
Help Help Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont have any option now

New XOLO 8x-1000 Automatic Switch Off
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  1. Subodh kumar

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