News Item Amar Ujala Mewat

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Dear Sir,

Your news paper is a respected and widely circulated news paper in the country with a readership touching 5 million people. Your news paper reporting are found to be matured and balanced.
However the news item on page 4 of the Friday 28 April 2016 New Delhi edition has published a news item which seems defamatory and divisive in nature. Is it illegal to lay a water pipeline from my one agriculture field to the other with consent of the village panchayat? What is illegal about it is not understood by me. I will also like to add to this news item, that the same pipeline has been damaged by some of the miscreants and antisocial people as part of a conspiracy by vested interests and no action has been taken by the police against the same people who are instrumental in this criminal act.
I will be obliged if you can publish this part of the news as well.
My contact no is 9810-218346
Rampal Suhag

News Item Amar Ujala Mewat
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