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about 5 x weeks ago on a saturday morning i entered sainsburys store in portabello high street, portabello, scotland, to buy some groceries. i had a newspaper under my arm that i had purchased prior to entering sainsburys in a local news agents. when i went to pay for my groceries i was asked for the newspaper so it could be scanned. when i informed the checkout person that i had bought it somewhere else, he asked me for a reciept to prove this. i was highly insulted and felt that i had been accused of stealing. we exchanged a few words at which point i asked him what age he was. he replied it was none of my business so i told him that he really should have more sense. i paid for my goods and left. i then contacted the manager who said he would get back to me after investigation. after hearing nothing from him i called again and still received no reply. i finally went back into the store were a duty manager acknowledged the incident and he then further added insult to injury by offering me a £10.00 voucher. i refused and asked to speak to someone else. i was told by the duty manager that a senior manager would contact me.still nothing happened so 4 weeks after the incident i made another call to the store and reached the store manager. he further insulted me by offering me £20.00. i told him that i spend an average of £100.00 to £125.00 per week in the store and i was not happy with being accused of being a thief, especially in front of other customers to which he replied that he will have to take the complaint to a higher level. i still have not heard from the store. ive just moved here from northern ireland were my entire family buys their groceries from sainsburys and have done for a long time. i personally rared my family on sainsburys groceries so to be accused of stealing by a young, obviously untrained idiot, i am highly insulted by the way ive been treated and the way in which this case has been handled. can i have a response please. thankyou declan

newspaper incident
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