Nikon 55-300 lens Quikr Ad#252836336

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Quikr Ad#252836336 | Date – 23/03/2016
My Nikon 55-300 lens was sold and picked up by Quikr team two weeks back from my residence and since then I had no update on the order untill last week when I had to call customer support to get an update. They appraised me that money has been received from Buyer and Quikr will send the same to me in next one day (this happened on last Friday – 18th March 2016)

Money was not credited to my account and status still shows as Quikr received payment. Till last Thursday status was showing as In Transit. I called customer care today once again asking to raise a complaint but they never raised a complaint and kept on putting me on hold without seeking my confirmation

In short, I have no clue on the INR 13,000 worth lens I sold, which was picked up by Quickr and neither I have received the payment even after 2 weeks.

If possible kindly take some actions against Quikr

Nikon 55-300 lens Quikr Ad#252836336
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