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Kind attn: The Chairman & Managing Director, Nissan Group of Companies.

Dear Sir,

Kudos and Greetings to you.

It is submitted for your kind information, perusal and appropriate action the following :

1) That, keeping in view the reputation of NISSAN Company in view, purchased a Car, i.e. NISSAN MICRA bearing the above said registration number TN 58 AE 4844.

2) That the vehicle was purchased about two years back.

3) That the vehicle was broke down on 05.06.2015, owing to Oil leakage.

4) That the nature of the defect was duly informed to the Customer Care Incharge. He advised me that the vehicle will have to be towed to their service station from the spot from where the car was broke down. Accordingly, the necessary fees for towing and other formalities were completed and the vehicle was taken in their possession with the intimation that the nature of the case of defect will be ascertained by their Service Engineer and a Estimate Cost for carrying out the repairs will be given to us immediately thereafter.

5) That the Show Room Adviser informed us that the Estimation is ready and that we may collect the same which was to the tune of Rs.35,000/- (approximately).

6) Accordingly the Estimation was forwarded to the Insurance Company and the payment was duly approved by them. Despite the clearance, the company has failed to deliver the vehicle and has come out with an additional Estimation which was exorbitantly high.

7) That when we went to their Office today, i.e. 04.07.2015 (time 12.30 p.m.) to know the delivery status of the vehicle.

8) That the Respected General Manager, whom we have been asked to meet did not want to speak and got furious and was in no mood to speak to us and asked his security to push us out of the office. The General Manager, who was supposed to explain the details of the case, failed to do so. Invariably, he was spitting slang epithet’s and was in nook to satisfy his customer (i.e. me, the applicant). It is quite ashaming to see a General Manager’s behavior, who in all probability is unfit to occupy the chair.

9) That this attitude and behavior of JEEVAN NISSAN Company’s, Madurai Personnels would create chaos in the market and the reputation of the NISSAN Company would receive a stick.

In view of the above, you may like to direct the concerned to look into the seriousness of the matter and arrange to get us justice by instructing the concerned for speedy delivery of the vehicle after carrying out necessary repairs.

Looking forward to the pleasure of receiving your valuable and favourable response asap.

With my highest regards,

MOBILE PHONE NO. 09585858573

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