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Dear PayTM
Your merchant has supplied a SMALL sized board (Order No. 1144328938) instead of the one mentioned in the order & CHEATED US intentionally.
We have asked for refund on your site on the 13th of Aug, but the material has not been picked up till date.

When I complained to PayTm NON-Customer-Service, Mr. Gaurav Kashyap says that it is not a problem of the courier but the Merchant does not want to take back the wrongly supplied material.
Since he was not able to resolve the problem, I asked him to transfer the call to a senior, but he put me on hold for 5 minutes & then said that there was no senior available. I then had to literally threaten him with complaint against him, that he again put me on hold for 10 minutes & then transferred to his senior.

Then I talked to the Floor Supervisor – Pankaj, who says that reverse pickup is not possible in my area.
I stay in Juhu, which is the most central & posh locality of Mumbai, & if pickup is not possible at this location (how is delivery possible to this area?), means that PayTM does not want to bother with returning of wrongly supplied orders & does not believe in addressing complaints.

Now Pankaj says that it is my responsibility to courier the material back to the merchant.
Also, till date, they have not bothered to inform me regarding same & I should keep waiting for them to take some action.

This is the WORST NON-CUSTOMER-SERVICE that I have faced from any online site & I have actively been buying from Ebay for more than 10 years & regularly from other sites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, ShopClues, etc. on a regular basis. I have never faced such a problem with them as they understand the importance of Customer Service & know that their complete existence depends on it. PayTM thinks exactly the opposite.

I am really glad that I cancelled an order for Laptop placed with PayTM, as I realize that they would not bother with the correctness of the order & whether the supplier is sending me the wrong Laptop & then left me without any customer service or Guarantee for the wrong supply.

I am very actively involved with online Forums, Facebook & twitter, & will see to it that all these details are put up in all these Forums so that other customers are not fooled into buying WRONG material on PayTM & are aware that PayTM does not believe that they are responsible for any of their listings & do not need to provide Customer Service to their trusting customers.

Thank you.
Samir Garg (M:9820127458)

No Customer Service from PayTM
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