No response or refund after 5 weeks

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I had purchased 2 Power banks from “” on the 28th. of May 2015 for a sum of Rs. 999.00 plus delivery. The power banks were delivered by “Jaavas Courier” and appeared to be in good condition. However, when I tried to charge the power banks and then use them to charge my phone, the charge barely lasted for 20 minutes and the phone was only 20% charged when the power bank “died”. This happened with both the power banks. I tried re-charging them and using them again but the result was the same. The power banks are not “holding” their charge and are not able to charge even a 2000 mAh phone 20% when their claim is that each power bank is 10400 mAh. I have written to “” several times but so far I have still not got a refund or replacement. I would be much obliged if you could help with sorting out this matter. I notice that there are several similar complaints for the very same 10400 mAh power banks on this very site. are obviously selling inferior or failed products to the public and action must be taken against them.
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No response or refund after 5 weeks
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