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I bought NOKIA 225 model for Rs.2800/- through online trading on India times on 05/05/2015. After two months gap, there is no incoming voice. Then, I have given my phone for servicing at NOKIA CARE,#1/2 KATPADI ROAD,(Near National theatre) VELLORE632004/PH.0416-4202627,2829/9025026854. They changed New mike after a week which was not functioning well. Later, they have brought back my phone for repair which they took 22 days with umpteen phone calls and mails were fructified for fruitful results. Now, they contended to return the repaired with the same condition which I could not accept since they held up with their custody for 22 days. I request them to issue me Brand New Phone which is in guarantee period but they do not heave a sigh of relief to my plea stating nothing can be done. Do you think that any one could go for changing new for another Rs.3000/- within THREE MONTHS gap. This shows they offered me a very poor quality of phone and put me into lot of hardship. The customer care at vellore is irresponsible and inattitude to serve the NOKIA customers for genuine reasons.
So, I request you to direct Vellore NOKIA customer care for replacement of original BRAND NEW NOKIA 225 phone against defective one to avoid unnecessary mental torture and agony.
yours NOKIA customer,
A shanmugam/9487043894

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