Non Compliance of Mobile Handset – Micromax

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on 9th July, 2014 I had submitted my Micromax Mobile Handset No A-110 to their Service Centre located in Andheri East, Mumbai for repairing. Please note my mobile was under warranty period.

Still as on date neither i have received any resopnse nor any call from the Service Centre. Staff working at the Service centre are of III Category. They even dont know how to behave with the customer.

1. Their Tel No 022-26841780 never attended by anyone.
2. If by mistake if anyone picks up the phone he will try to avoid your call. He / She will take the advantage of that system is not working or there is no power.
3. I don understand it takes 2 1/2 months or more time to repair the handset.
4. I had send my wife also to the service centre but they have got fixed answer saying the handset has not come from the Company.

If the Company can not repair the Handset which is under warranty then why company is not prepared to give new handset.

Please help me and try to resolve this issue without any further delay and oblige.

Best wishes

Vikas Vora

Non Compliance of Mobile Handset – Micromax
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