Non-Cooling of Samsung Split AC 5 Star, Model No. AS18EXA XTL, Sl.No.A308PZES900705A. Reference: 8422915611 Mob. 9711186361

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01.06.2015 (after noon)

Today afternoon Mr. Mr. Harikesh his mob. 8587819262 visited and checked the AC, and told us there is a leakage of gas and he will come back by tomorrow with other persion, where as yesterday when he checked the AC he only today the capacitor is week and otherwise AC is fully OK.

One thing is sure there is no one take any responsibility in SAMSUNG company, they need only make money. That is why the company is deteriorating day by day.

01.06.2015 (yesterday’s report)

Dear Sir,
Subject: Non-Cooling of Samsung Split AC 5 Star, Model No. AS18EXA XTL,
Reference: 8422915611 Mob. 9711186361
This is further to my email of date 30th May 2016 on the subject.
Yesterday one gentleman came in our house No. 1728A/Sector-29/Faridabad from Samsung Mr. Harikesh his mob. 8587819262 and look into the AC he said that Capacitor of the Cooling Fan/Compressor is very week & the same has to be changed with higher capacity. He also informed that he has a Capacitor of high capacity and its cost is Rs.1,050/ and if I agree with this price he should change the existing capacitor and he will minus the value of Rs.500/- and thus I have to pay him Rs.550/- + the existing capacitor. (Meanwhile it is pertinent to mention that the existing capacitor has changed on10.05.2015 and have charged Rs.500/- from me). I agreed and he changed the capacitor. After that he asked me to bring some child water or ice cube and gave ice cube. He diluted the ice cube with water and dropped on the Compressor after that switch on the AC and asked us to run the AC about half an hour and he gone away with Rs.500/- (after negotiation) and old capacitor. He also asked us to give him feed back of the AC. Accordingly I already informed him the result on phone.
Unfortunately, after running the AC with half & hour there is no any changes in the room temperature hence the fate of the AC remain same.
This is for your kind information and necessary action.
Sasidharan Nair


Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you that I have purchased one Samsung Split AC 5 Star, Model No. AS18EXA XTL, Sl.No.A308PZES900705A in the year 2010 as I understood this is one of best brand in the world. But now I think this decision is my major mistake to chosen Samsung brand because of the following reasons:
– Initial stage upto 3 season there is not much problems and expenses except service charges .
– From the 4th season i.e. last year I have incurred about Rs.8000.00 due to leakage of gas problems.
– This season also the same problem started, when I firstly complained vide Service request No. 8422915611 / 12. When your Authorised Service Centre Shri Shyam Refrigeration, 5B/5BP, Faridabad sent one executive to examine the same. He told that there is gas leakage problem and will send experts soon to rectify the same. After many follow up on 23.4.15 one Mr. Devdutt came and informed that there is no Gas at all in the AC and he wanted to re- fill the same. Accordingly he asked me an advance of Rs. 2,000/- and I paid the same. After that many follow up another Executive came and after looking the system he informed me the outdoor unit ‘s Condensor is a nut system from where there is a gas leakage and this should be replaced with new one he also informed now- a- days all the Nut system Condensors are being replaced by them due to leakage complaint. He given me estimation about between Rs. 5 to Rs. 6 thousand. I agreed. He not down all the details of the outdoor unit of the Cooling coil.

– After 3 – 4 days another executive came with indoor Cooling Coil instead of Out Door condenser and returned back with assurance of coming back with outdoor Condensor.

– After another 3 – 4 days another executive came with outdoor Condensor but unfortunately the same was not suitable in the unit as he was brought small one instead of big size. He also returned back with the assurance of that he will back with suitable size.

– Lastly on 10.05.2015 one executive came with suitable size and fitted the same and started the AC. Before fitting the cooling coil I stressed him to check the proper leakage from where leaking the gas. He also confirmed the leakage came through the Condensor “Nut System” of outdoor unit. As such he fitted the same and filled the Gas and started the AC and given cooling also. He billed me the total expenses of 8,517/- (cost of cooling coil + Gas).

– Sir from starting of this week the AC is given low cooling and from yesterday i.e. 29.5.2015 completed stopped cooling. As you are aware we have faced 17 days from starting without AC/Cooler in the house and have admitted my wife in the hospital due to heat problem decease.
– These days you know the high rise temperature in Delhi and NCR without AC we could not survive in a single days.
I therefore request to your goodself to look into the matter and inform concerned to attend my
AC on “SOS” basis. I also registered my complaint to the customer care today.
After this service many executive from your office asked me about the satisfaction of the services done to me. You can examine from the record, I never give any positive response because of not given proper service to me.
Hope this time you will give personal attention to my complaint and advice concerned seriously to rectify the same with my entire satisfaction and to wipe out the negative response about Samsung product from my mind.
Hope a positive response from your end.
Sasidharan Nair
1728-A, Sector – 29, Faridabad-121008
Mob. 9711186361

Non-Cooling of Samsung Split AC 5 Star, Model No. AS18EXA XTL, Sl.No.A308PZES900705A. Reference: 8422915611 Mob. 9711186361
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