Non-functioning of Customer Care Helpline (*226, *225 & 198) of Reliance CDMA

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I use STV197 for my Reliance CDMA connection No. 7439393264 during last 20 months. As per this STV, 1500minutes Rel. to Rel. and 500 mnts Rel to other network phone call is available fore 28/26 days. The available balance could be known at any time by SMS after making request at *226. But this facility became ineffective during last 6 months. No SMS are received mentioning available balance in spite of repeated confirmation for sending balance on making call at *226. However, after making complaint at 198 such SMS was being received once in response of call at *226. Unfortunately, no such complaint can be registered during last one month at 198 when after requesting to wait for Customer Care Officer the line become disconnected with the instruction to consult Reliance Website. Consequently, information on available balance is being received from the Service Provider-Reliance.

Non-functioning of Customer Care Helpline (*226, *225 & 198) of Reliance CDMA
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