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I have many term deposit accounts at your branch apart from sb a/c 143401011007671-all are at MSRS branch-Bnagalore. My Term Deposit acct no is 143404201000002 at the branch.It had matured on 22-9-15.I had sent a mail sometime back.Last week,I had sent a mail again requesting the branch to transfer the maturity proceeds to my account.Two days back, I again telephoned and spoke to Mr Mahesh who said that I have to send the receipt for crediting amount to my account.I agreed to courier the receipt tafter he credits the money to my SB.I also told him that he can credit it now on the basis of my mail confirmation and my telephonic call.I also said that I will send the receipt subsequently.But I am surprised to find that this has not been done.I am a old customer of yours.I was in Bangalore and recently I settled in Chennai.There is no branch near my house for my acct. to be transferred.If u are so insistent on getting the receipt first before crediting the maturity proceeds,I might have to think of other options.Also I have got e few term deposits at your bank.Hence p linform your person that at the end of the month,I will be sending the matured receipts to the bank for deposits which had matured that month.Amount is to be credited before based on the application and my request mails.
Now please arrange for crediting the matured amt without further delay.
I require money urgently every month and when I ask my money, I am deprived of this.It is highly disgusting to note the way a regular customer of yours is treated.I would also like to add that I had clearly mentioned that on maturity proceeds have to be credited to my sb.
Please note my SB 143401011007671-vijaya Bank-Bangalore-MSRS Nagar
Also I would like to inform u that sending my originl receipts by courier before amount being settled is highly unsafe.I am attaching my Pan card again.I do not understand why I am being subjected to such difficulties.I have not got any response from the bank nor the customer cell.
Please intervene and kindly arrange for immediate credit of matured amount to my sb acct.Also let this system be followed henceforth.

non payment of matured deposit – Vijaya Bank
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